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Google seeks the highest quality content and high authorship reputation; if you're not becoming an authority on the web, as a subject matter expert then you wont stand a chance of making it to the first page of Google. We can help! Why overpay for SEO services? We provide every paid search advertiser, running a Google advertising plan or using our dedicated hosting product with free consultation on how to continue increasing your organic search engine rank over time! You're getting leaders in the industry without big box store pricing. We have full service options available so you can have us do the heavy lifting if needed so you can focus on what you do best, running your business! If you want, you can purchase SEO consultation for $100/mo.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Design A - Marketing. Analysis. Optimization. Design A is a certfieid Google Partner

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Search engine optimization consultation $100/mo

We consult on keywords, natural backlinks, meta tags, page copy, sitemaps and more

We advise you on how to create key content pages for syndication and submission across multiple search engines including (but not limited to) Google, Bing and Yahoo! Social syndication is paramount so we advise you to utilize WordPress and Publicize. Search engine optimization covers how to update your primary pages, blog and backlinks to increase position on Google. This causes average position and subsequently the number of impressions and tracked visitors to increase. We can track improvements over time and attribute visitors to certain landing pages. We also get good keyword data in Google/Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.


We can track visitors conversion to broad keyword data since organic search is now private in Google Analytics. For example, let's say you want to track the impact of the rank of specific keywords and the effect it has on your businesses acquisitions or social engagement on Google+ or Facebook; we used to be able to track the exact keyword. Since organic search data is private now, we have to look at the visitors landing page(s) and attribution models. We can often see assists or the final conversion point where revenue was produced for your company using offline conversion tracking and paid for digital advertising like remarketing and ads on Google. There is an overlay between paid search and organic rank if you're using paid advertising and we use this data to get better measurements of organic rank and data on the value paid and organic visitors provide to your business. We utilize cookies to remarket to your visitors. We optimize your local Google+ page for business to ensure you're more likely to appear in local search results and we track your progress every step of the way!


  • SEO services to increase position and number of keyword queries you rank for
  • % change tracked using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
  • First-party reports by Google for 100% transparency


Review with a leading SEO subject matter expert

Additional hour-long reviews available for $50/hr


  • Super simple pricing that’s easy to understand
  • Free Google My Business optimization
  • Free phone call tracking ($25/mo included)
  • Free dedicated hosting, included in the cost of SEO consultation
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Our software creates your sitemaps, checks your updates for best practices and makes easy to understand suggestions, plus that's all backed by our world-class consulting services. We provide comprehensive reporting and integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, this gives you analytics on what content is effecting your organic rank, how people are engaging with content and whether its resulting in increased lead or sales opportunities. We check your work each month and advise or provide a quote to do the work for you, charged by the page.

A second example of local SEO for a thai restaurant and how it helps customers near your business find your company for products and services.

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