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Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be a mystery. At DESIGNA we work tirelessly to take the mystery out of SEO. We monitor campaigns, and performance of organic content, and the behavior of your website’s visitors. We deliver the world’s leading technologies that impact organic rank in a positive way, to improve position, CTR (clickthrough rate), conversion rate & much more!

DESIGNA uses advanced methods including but not limited to sitemap submission, index crawl requests, structured data, rich cards, and more. We pair that with AdWords, and other channels for optimal impact. Multi-channel approaches are the most effective and an industry consensus best practice.

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A mobile first approach is paramount for success in search engine optimization (SEO). It’s no longer the trend, our clients have seen 30% to 50% (sometimes more) of their visitors traffic coming from tablet, and mobile devices! Did you know that Google has separate scoring for both your desktop and mobile index? That’s why we’ve devoted the past five years into making a responsive website designs that captivates and converts your visitors no matter what device they are on! The first step is putting your best foot forward with any SEO strategy is with a responsive web design.

So what exactly is SEO?

Utilization of technology.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of utilizing best practices in technology, meta and rich snippet / structured data submissions, sitemaps, along with having original content for people who searching the keywords related to your businesses products or services. We must follow best practices on  how we format our pages for all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile). It’s paramount to use the best technology possible for PageSpeed when optimizing because visitors don’t have patience for slow loading pages or irrelevant material. 

Content and keywords.

It’s imperative that content is unique and that your voice is original or one of a kind. DESIGNA will help you with all the above search engine optimization starting for as little as $199/mo for small business plans, scaling up to larger business demands depending on your needs.

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Call (323) 639-3285 for a complementary SEO analysis, it’s free, and there’s no obligations. We want to make sure your unique needs are met, and that any questions you have are answered. Our SEO plans are tailored to your businesses specific goals. Why try and do search engine optimization by yourself when you can rely on professional with over ten years experience in website optimizations.

Named a Google Partner

DESIGNA was selected as a Google Partner in 2013. Our Founder Andrew Rulnick was chosen as one of Google’s first Google Partner Community Ambassadors, and Small Business Adviser.

Google Webmaster Tools

Making a great website that’s exceptionally well search engine optimized is no easy task! There are many tools and nuances needed to track trends, and the overall performance of your SEO initiatives or campaigns. DESIGNA will create you develop a cohesive strategy and plan following the best practices according to Google Webmasters. We use data and information collected directly from the source, Google Inc. that are consistently peer reviewed by other leading website & SEO professionals. DESIGNA will monitor trends using the Google Webmaster Tools data API. Our service takes care of the complexities of managing your website in Google Search Console so you know your business has every opportunity to find your products or services!


Important tips related to search engine optimization (SEO)

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*Per our agreements with Facebook, Inc. and Google, Inc. we’re required to disclose that individual results may vary. We are allowed to mention we have over a 95% success rate working with businesses of all sizes. Our staff is happy to go over case studies and show you examples of reports, we have exceptional references! Our job is to follow best practices in marketing, that’s what we do. We are not owned or operated by either company, our company works as an independent contractor for our customers. It’s also important to us you’re aware of our terms, conditions and privacy policy.