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A prospective client brought it to our attention that we don’t rank on Google for our company’s name “DESIGNA“.  We only recently published our latest rendition of our website and made the choice as a company to archive (more like eradicate) our old website and blog.  Because companies, people and services change…

We’re content knowing that with a little hard work DESIGNA will rank on the first page of Google again.  Typically it just takes a month or two with consistent updates and it’s true that if we wanted to throw all our resources at it for 72 hours we could re-build our PageRank quicker and have that oh so coveted space on the first page of Google listings.

It’s my personal thought that companies covet position on the first page of Google way too much.  There’s no question that establishing yourself on the first page of Google is important. But at what cost?  It doesn’t exclude all the other means which potential customers can discover information about a company.  We encourage our clients, to read ZMOT for inspiration and answers!  Don’t get caught with tunnel vision only to find that your company is losing crucial Zero Moments of Truth (ZMOT) because you’re so focused on PageRank for (insert your company’s name here) that you forget to update your presence all across the internet.  If you follow “best practices” but most importantly do what comes natural then you’re almost always going to win at ZMOT, when the tire hits the road and new prospective customers choose your business over the competition!

DESIGNA is powered by people.  Brilliant people with great talents in advertising, copywriting, art direction, design and marketing analysis.  The quality of our work speaks for itself, not our companies rank on Google.  This isn’t a dig at an individual seeking validation to build trust, it’s our way of saying “dig deeper“.  Look past the surface of “the first page of Google”.

One of my favorite examples is this; you will find dozens of wonderful restaurants, with the most amazing food, that aren’t listed on the first page of Google but you would never know how good the food is if a friend hadn’t told you or if you didn’t take a chance, walk in the door and try them.

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