Why Google Matters For Business

Google was built with everyone in mind, I mean think about it.  Doesn’t practically every person you know search with Google?  At some point, even if they don’t start there they will eventually “Google it”.  Therefore, wouldn’t a business need to be there and know how others are searching?  In other words, if your customers search for your business by name, what are they finding out about your company?  What if a person searches by a term that relates to the products or services your business provides?  Is your company represented at the moments that matter most?  Better yet, do you even know what those moments of search are?

If you answered responsively positive then chances are you’re on top of everything and shouldn’t read on any further but if you’re like 90% of other business owners and managers you’re either too busy with the day-to-day or have entrusted this responsibility to someone else.  Well I’m challenging you to change and break bad habits.  You should know what searches provide new business opportunity and what that cost you.  Why does this matter?  Well let’s suppose that you’re finding that a majority of your business comes from a certain group of “channels”, keyword(s) or online/offline placements.  How much impression share does your business have on that channel that performs well?  What does it cost you to lose or gain more of that impression share?  Can your “rank” or position be improved further and what would that take either from a budgeting (paid search) or (organic) content creation initiative?

If you’re like most business owners you’ve either put this work in the hands of a possibly capable individual or company, or you’re attempting to figure this out yourself without assistance and there’s a very good change you’re like other business owners (9 out of 10) who don’t know the answers to some of these really important questions I’ve been asking throughout this read.  Now keep in mind, I don’t write as often as I used to about Google and it’s use for small to mid or Enterprise-sized businesses.  I want to really drill this point in to my readers, if you don’t know the answers to some of these difficult questions as a business owner, you or the person doing this work on your behalf are doing it wrong!

In summary, you should know exactly where new business opportunities come from, what they cost, how much of it you have (position and impression share) and if you can get more of it or not.  If not, then why?  If there is more impression share available, how much more of it can you get and what will the cost of it be to get?  Some vendors will charge by the page, campaign, click costs and others might charge a flat rate.  Like most business owners, I prefer that you know exactly how much a service will cost.  For example, my company Design A charges $50 per page (minimum of four pages) which includes SEO, copy/content and licensed images; whereas some agencies won’t really tell you what each page or project costs, it might just be one big bundled price which (facepalm), doesn’t really translate well for anybody.  So moral of the story is, know what a media, SEO or paid search channel is going to cost and gain a projection of business earned over time.  I advise all my customers to purchase work on media/pages based on organic performance, the businesses needs against what’s reported (position, % change or some key performance indicator) and purchase more search network or display advertising based on how much business an analyst has estimated it can earn you.  In my honest opinion, this is the most effective way to measure and increase your presence with confidence, knowing it can translate into so much business earned based on estimates on longer-term forecasts.  There’s are many combinations of tools, gadgets, widgets and reports that enable us to do this but the most valuable resource any business can have in my professional opinion, is a trusted certified Google Partner such as me and the team at DESIGNA.  If used effectively, Google will provide a wealth of important information useful in any size business to help you plan and/or grow.  If you pay attention to trends and have an experienced advisor such as me and the rest of our team here, you can really get exceptional value, gain a lot of knowledge and apply Google for your business.

That is one of many reasons why Google matters for business…

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