What Do Google, Go Daddy, Adobe and WordPress All Have in Common?

Starting next month DESIGNA is providing new customers with a mix of software as a service (SaaS) utilizing four of the best companies in hosting and technology; Google, Go Daddy, Adobe and WordPress.  DESIGNA’s owner Andrew Rulnick says that “This is another exciting and gigantic step forward for DESIGNA.  We’re providing our customers with faster loading websites utilizing Go Daddy’s world-class DNS combined with Google’s page speed API’s.  We’re finding that websites are loading in under three seconds on average, which is a good start but we’re working on getting that even faster working with Google and Go Daddy’s technology!  What’s really cool about Adobe and WordPress is that they are easily two of the most innovate and easiest to use content management systems (CMS) when you combine them together”.

DESIGNA is rolling its software platform out to all new client’s who purchase website design services.  These updates will enable customers to login and update what’s typically static page/site content using Adobe’s web-based interface.  Existing clients will be able to continue logging into their existing WordPress sites as usual and are encouraged to continue using  WordPress while they are migrated to the new platforms utilizing Adobe’s content management system.  Contact a member of our staff for more information on how to take advantage of these new account features that will be coming soon.

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