10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #3 – Engage With Followers

Social media on Twitter, facebook and Google+ isn’t just about building following, it’s about meaningful conversations!  Yes following is important, but if you’re not connecting one to one and still trying to connect one to many then you’re doing it wrong in my opinion.  Thank people for following you whenever possible, let them know you appreciate it and engage with fans of your work.  You would be surprised how a little of this goes a long way.  I try to always reply to posts or comments within 24 to 48 hours.  Sometimes a couple may fall through the crack but it’s not the end of the world.  Leave more meaningful comments on other blogs, posts and reply to other comment threads.  They don’t always even have to relate to your industry, remember Go Daddy built a massive customer base focusing on fans of NASCAR.  You don’t always have to try to shove your brand into relevant conversation, try to be social.  People are using social media to connect with friends or family and for entertainment!  I try to follow a ten to one rule when using social media, for every 10 posts one of those will be about our DESIGNA or our services.

Your engagement and relevant contribution may have an impact on your ranking.  We know that when a person follows you on Google+ it does affect their personalized search results and as long as you’re using authorship profiles, you’re more likely to have your content, blog posts or social comments display to people who choose to follow you or your business online.  It’s thought that social media engagement is a new method that the Google PageRank has changed  to adapt to a more modern method of identifying authoritative content on the web.

In summary, we are 100% that your Google+ following does impact personalized search.  The only way to build a following is to engage and contribute or share meaningful content.  This should factor in somewhere to the PageRank algorithm so it’s important to get up to speed with the “best practices” in social media, fast!

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