10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #2 – Provide Value

Are you just publishing articles in hopes that you will rank on the first page of Google or are you actually publishing useful information that provide greater value to your visitors? If content provides little to no benefit to your reader, the odds of them considering useful, sharing it or following you is slim to none. It’s better to give too much than not enough.  It’s important to try sharing images, video and links to other useful information.  If you’re not building backlinks using anchor text then you’re clearly doing something wrong.  Careful not to pass too much PageRank by linking to too many external websites.  It’s okay to do once in a while, especially if the content is relevant and/or about your company but too much and you may do more harm than good.  My general rule of thumb is one external link for every ten internal links.  This is a good ratio to maintain the majority of the PageRank acquired through natural flow without coming off as useless spam.  From my experience, if you’re writing and creating original content about subjects you love, you’re ten times more likely to rank on Google.

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