Andrew Rulnick

Andrew Rulnick

"I'm Andrew Rulnick, the Founder and CEO of DESIGNA. I worked four years for Go Daddy then two and a half years at TeleTech for Google! I've consulted for other companies like Reach Local, Gannett and have over ten years of SEO/SEM, AdWords, and Analytics experience. My education and experiences are in business, marketing, and management so I decided to create DESIGNA. A company geared towards solving all your SEO / SEM, analytics and design service challenges. We deal in the management of all the services and products needed to produce a successful marketing campaign(s) that consistently produces top dollar returns on ad spend. Nobody does it better than DESIGNA, many have tried only to realize they aren't prepared to service the middle market, your growing business! You want to expand with highly effective, targeted digital advertising or search engine and optimization? You've come to the right place! We're the best at advertising your business to make it grow, in the world. We've been a Google Partner since 2013. You can't beat you prices, products, or service, period!I work on all of our customers projects personally, I'm very responsive and you're welcome to call me with questions or to enquire about our services. Many of my peers and colleagues recognize me as an expert in SEO and Analytics, I just love working with Google products! It's honestly been a pleasure watching the industry grow and evolve as it has over the last decade. Find me on Google+ or follow me on twitter. Hope to hear from you soon!"

The Process to Becoming a Google Partner

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As you may be aware from our recent shares, DESIGNA has recently become a Google Partner. This is a process that has been in the works since early 2008. You see, not everyone is accepted in partnering with Google and it takes experience, demonstration of knowledge in all areas Google works with and a portfolio of clients managed to even begin to be considered. The road to partnership began with the maintenance of our high quality standards. Google only approves companies who have had the highest quality scores in their work and maintain positive relations with clients. As a bonus, we also have been rated highly by the Better Business Bureau, and so our clients know we will deliver quality work  at all times.

Additionally, to become a Google Partner, we have to demonstrate through a strenuous testing process, our expertise in analytics, adwords , campaign optimization and best practices.  Testing also focuses on search fundamentals  and demonstrating proficiency in advanced search and display  marketing.  We are proud to announce that we have soared through this process, and are highly certified in all areas.

You may be asking yourself, why do these things matter? Or even, what on earth do these things mean and why could it benefit me? We understand and want you to know that the benefits of working with a Google Partner cannot be overstated, and to let Google speak to the subject, we’ve borrowed this  from the partnership website:

“It’s important to invest your budget where you’ll get the greatest return. And there’s no more cost-effective investment than working with Google’s worldwide network of Certified Partners to optimize your usage of products like Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

  • Google Certified Partners can help you outsource AdWords program management or implement Google tools to measure and improve your program ROI.

To put it simply, we’ve worked hard to become best certified to help you spend your advertising budget most effectively. We can be trusted to help you grow your business!

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