SEO to Infinity and Beyond!

DESIGNA hit a tipping point today in our massive overhaul of our website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and we’re only tipping in “to infinity and beyond”.  Even after an exhaustive list of completely obsessive compulsive overhauls (including but not limited to)

  1. The layout of our content and how it displays (on both mobile and desktop devices).
  2. Restructuring our meta tags (title, description and keyword).
  3. Setting up robot.txt and sitemap.xml on our website, shopping cart and blog.
  4. Rebuilding anchors and building new back links.
  5. Integrating social media and syndication opportunities.
  6. Beginning to add structured data on both our website and blog.

And we are still only just getting started.  It’s an everyday process, every little minute detail makes a difference in how you rank on search engines like Google, bing and Yahoo!

It’s all never-ending…  That’s why our philosophy isn’t just to search engine optimize but borderline obsession.  When you think you’ve got your content dialed in, analyze to find new ways of making improvements to increase your PageRank.  I guarantee that even some of the best companies in search engine optimization miss steps and have to double back to optimize.  Search engine optimization isn’t that you get it right on the first try, it’s about going back and making improvements over and over “to infinity and beyond”!  Get involved on forums, start blogging using WordPress, become more social with your brand and create content that’s more meaningful to your website visitors.

Go back through your website with a fine tooth comb and ask yourself, is this the best experience for my visitors?  Are my meta tags unique, original and more meaningful?  Backlinks are one important factor but how are we obtaining them?  Try contributing in meaningful ways you would be amazed at how quickly your company can obtain that coveted listing on the first page of Google.

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