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It’s come to our attention from some of DESIGNA’s adoring competitors (if you would even call them that) commented that we don’t rank PageRank on 1) highly competitive terms and 2) our brand name “DESIGNA”.  So we sat down and decided it was time to write a series of tips to help you.

While select terms are important for our business and we would love to rank for those today, we are only in our third month of business!  What’s even more exciting is that we’re already getting impression share for some very competitive keywords related to our services.  DESIGNA’s team is always looking for ways to make improvements to both its own and client’s PageRank – for higher position on Google’s search results and local search listings.

So that brings us to our first SEO Tip in a long series in the making.  Nobody’s perfect!  That’s where “Search Engine Optimization” comes from!  It’s about constantly identifying flaws in your design, code, content and/or backlink strategy.

Understand and accept that nobody’s website, landing page or blog are perfect.  That’s precisely what  keeps SEO interesting!  There’s always room for improvements.

SEO Tip #1 summary – Nobody’s Perfect:

  1. Stop trying to have everything perfect it’s virtually impossible.
  2. Continue to develop new and original content with some regularity.
  3. Google PageRank is constantly changing – it’s a long ride!
  4. Create a sitemap file and submit to Google using Google Webmaster Tools.  I typically update our sitemap and resubmit at least once a month.
  5. The quality of your hosting and DNS factors into PageRank.
  6. Audit your website content, pages, meta tags (title, description, keyword) and backlinks to make improvements at least once a month.  This is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).
  7. Standards in design and code are always improving and evolving!  DESIGNA is constantly finding better ways to code and display information online.  PageSpeed (also recognized as part of Google’s PageRank algorithm)  optimization helps with user experience by reducing the load time of web pages.  Google favors faster and better organized websites.
  8. This entire process raises conversion rates across the board; for Google, your business and the user searching for your products or services.  Everyone wins!
  9. Google favors well written and displayed content.  Google’s advanced algorithms make it able to provide the most original and relevant results based on a long criteria of factors that are always updating and can vary from one website to another one just like it.
  10. Exciting new tools and website are constantly being added to the mix.
  11. Last but not least, (my personal favorite).  One of my mentors has always been Bob Parsons.  I’ve always looked up to him since the day I started working at Go Daddy back in 2006.  He told me that “You can’t make improvements if you don’t measure results of your input/output” or something like that. That’s one of the reasons I decided to focus on being one of the world’s best marketing analysts.  To Bob’s point – measure performance, sync Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics and utilize data sources to track how different content marketing  and keywords are influencing your position on Google’s search results.  Doing this also ensures you’re getting visualizations and actionable insights into Google PageRank and all its nuances.In summary, Google is the #1 search engine in the world because of its ability to provide the most relevant and best performing search results on the internet, users searching  benefit because they find what they actually wanted.  Businesses seeking that highly sought after, high PageRank or first page listing on Google  benefit because they get rewarded with the opportunity to win new customers.  Put in the hard work, schedule regular maintenance and updates.Accept that nobody is perfect and just continue to make efforts to optimize your content, pages and blog then before you know it you’re going to have your first page rank on Google

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