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Welcome to my next entry on the basics of SEO. These are the industry inside tips and tricks that will take your organic rank to the next level! Follow my blog and get the basics, which in my opinion are the most important factors when working to improve your position in the search engine results page (SERP). In this lesson we’re going to the heart of your pages, it’s code. Now Google had a hosted service that was available for the public to use called Google PageSpeed, but that PageSpeed Service hosted by Google is being discontinued and now you need to work with an engineer, hosting company or CDN that will continue to work with this product. Thankfully I’ve been working with this service for the past three years, perfecting how our customers can benefit from the fantastic code advancements that PageSpeed provides at runtime.

The long and short of this SEO basic lesson is this, your code and how you program matters. The way your server operates and delivers content will influence how your website ranks organically. It’s becoming a more important part of search engine optimization every year. Businesses used to be able to run on super inexpensive/cheap hosting plans for $4 or $6 a month but these plans has limitations and Google can tell if your host is limiting the number of concurrent connections to pages or databases. Google can also determine how fast your pages load due to coding, render blocking issues or your overall server speed. You can even test your website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine what the strengths and weaknesses of your website are. Depending on what your website is made with and what page(s) you’re testing, you should at least be able to get close to 70. If you’re using a CDN or Google PageSpeed service like the one we run for customers, you should be able to get close to or exceed a score of 80. Anything higher than that is good but then again that could be an indication that your website is lacking important features or functionality.

In summary, your “PageSpeed” matters. Load times and code optimizations are becoming more important every year. It’s not just enough to update your website, hosting or source code every three to five years like you used to. Website and hosting technology should be fluid and adaptive. Yes, this will be a more expensive proposition but if you’re working with a good consultant or company, they should be taking care of this and warranting their work against these change. If no you should be giving us call, we manage dedicated servers and host PageSpeed as a service starting at $150/mo but it includes updates to code standards, or if Google announces a new development in how they rank websites, we update your properties. It’s a small price to pay to know that your work is done following best practices and updated when the standards change again, which you know they will.

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