Panda 4.0 and SEO

Are you ready for this? Panda 4.0 released as announced by @mattcutts on May 20th 2014.

What does this mean for the world of SEO?  Well does Matt Cutts gives us a good hint a few days before the update?

Possibly.  I’ve been explaining to people for almost over a decade that I strongly believe Google looks at your page speed, server speed and server security.  I strongly believed this when I started working at Go Daddy.  I still believe (and think that this validates) by larger suspicion that Google has been looking at this as a factor of SEO rankings algorithms.  I also believe that Google applies the laws of physics to determine rank algorithms but most SEO companies and consultants I speak to find that too “absurd” to be true.  I believe that OpenSSL is a part of the factor that’s been running for almost a decade but not many believed that theory.  I’ve got many more ideas about what Google’s new principles are and how they will shape the way we think of SEO for a company or your business.

Local SEO is changing, we’re using more Rich Snippets.  Rich Snippets are tiny pieces of more information (including local business address, phone numbers, authors, product, prices and descriptions) that are submitted to Google regularly.  I believe that this is another of the largest factors in modern SEO, along with having proper optimization and backlinks from your businesses Google Places page(s).  It’s very important to ensure you’re making progress in your natural backlink profile and that you’re not counter productively reverse “optimizing” or creating a drag/resistance by forcing unnatural backlinks.  All links should be from natural sources such as Twitter, Google+, Google Places pages and similar organic and authoritative websites such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or similar long-standing online/offline publications.

The next part is your server load tolerance and security.  Why would Google rank your website #1 constantly if your server can’t withstand or is limited due to processing time or memory capacity.  In other words, if your server can’t take it why give it to someone who is just going to crash?

Finally, credibility and reputation.  What are other people saying about your business online?  What do customers think of the quality of your work and focus in your businesses subject matter expertise?  If many people say your servers are good wouldn’t Google be wise to feature those businesses more prominently?  Doesn’t conversation and what people are saying matter?  Yes. Yes and Yes!

So this is just a quick bit of food for thought on SEO and how our professional SEO services are changing in 2014 and 2015.  There’s more to come soon  but if you have questions give me a call and let’s talk 8-bit, haha get it?  (480) 277-3675

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