Andrew Rulnick

Andrew Rulnick

"I'm Andrew Rulnick, the Founder and CEO of DESIGNA. I worked four years for Go Daddy then two and a half years at TeleTech for Google! I've consulted for other companies like Reach Local, Gannett and have over ten years of SEO/SEM, AdWords, and Analytics experience. My education and experiences are in business, marketing, and management so I decided to create DESIGNA. A company geared towards solving all your SEO / SEM, analytics and design service challenges. We deal in the management of all the services and products needed to produce a successful marketing campaign(s) that consistently produces top dollar returns on ad spend. Nobody does it better than DESIGNA, many have tried only to realize they aren't prepared to service the middle market, your growing business! You want to expand with highly effective, targeted digital advertising or search engine and optimization? You've come to the right place! We're the best at advertising your business to make it grow, in the world. We've been a Google Partner since 2013. You can't beat you prices, products, or service, period!I work on all of our customers projects personally, I'm very responsive and you're welcome to call me with questions or to enquire about our services. Many of my peers and colleagues recognize me as an expert in SEO and Analytics, I just love working with Google products! It's honestly been a pleasure watching the industry grow and evolve as it has over the last decade. Find me on Google+ or follow me on twitter. Hope to hear from you soon!"

Named a Google Partners Community Ambassador

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Hey there!   I’m Andrew Rulnick, the owner of DESIGNA.  I was just named one of five Google Partners Community Ambassadors!  My mission has always been provide valuable insight and perspective into best practices with Google AdWords.  I’m incredibly passionate about marketing analytics.  I’m honest the a fault and I love helping others to be more successful with their advertising.  Being named one of the five first Google Partners Community Ambassadors is important to me because I feel like it’s a sense of validation from the staff at Google and the Google Partners Community, that my experience, input and unique perspective are appreciated.

I feel a strong sense of kinship in the Google Partners Community and I was immediately drawn to help other aspiring partners and current Google Partners that were are running into the same roadblocks and obstacles I’ve had to overcome before.  It also gives me an opportunity to showcase my knowledge, stay sharp, to know each of you a little better and for you to get to know more about me too.  The Google Partners Community has given me another opportunity to branch out and make a difference.

Communities have given me a lot over the years, I learned programming several decades ago from online communities.  I started became interested in Google Analytics, through an online community.  Overall, community means a lot to me, it’s a place to go and share ideas, to exchange useful information but most importantly to help each other.  I’m very grateful to be named one of the five Google Ambassadors, thank you all very much for your recognition and support!  More information on the subject will be coming, I have a trip scheduled to Google’s offices in California on December the 17th.

Here’s a copy of the original post from Google Partners Community:

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Announcements  – 11:46 AM

Meet a Google Partners Community Ambassador:+Andrew RulnickAndrew grew up in Akron Ohio, and dropped out of college in his sophomore year for a career at Go Daddy, when they had fewer than 300 employees.  He went on after that to work for a BPO – Tele Tech.  He says, “My Dad recently became sick with stage 4 lymphoma, I decided it was time to focus on new challenges and my family.  I started DESIGNA with the help of my amazing wife Niki and some close friends.

“Now I finally have the opportunity to shape a company of my own and give back to the industry and people that have given me so much.  That’s how I view our Google Partner community, my opportunity to help as others have helped me to learn and grow.  I still strive to grow, learn and continue proving my ability day in and day out all while helping others to do the same.”

Ambassador Hangout – December 17, 4 pm EST/1 pm PST
This is your chance to hear tips and experiences directly from our Ambassadors. Andrew’s topic is “Highlighting the Benefits, the reporting and Targeting — and how to win big with TrueView.” This will also be an opportunity for you to learn how to become an Ambassador as we expand the program in 2014.

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