Meet Your Google Partners Community Ambassadors!

The Google Partners Community is a place for current and aspiring Google Partners to go and discuss search engine marketing (SEM), AdWords (also known as PPC) with one-another.  On December 17th, I was flown out to San Francisco, courtesy of Google, to present as one of the five new Google Partners Community Ambassadors.

The Ambassador program is a new initiative from the Google Partners Community team to encourage engagement and to bring unique expertise to the community.  Ambassadors help agencies continue learning, we host educational hangouts and conversations about a variety of Google AdWords topics.  Basically, the Google Partners Community is a great place to exchange ideas behind best practices, to share thoughts or opinions on the various AdWords account management techniques.   For example, we discuss how to increase Quality Scores, clickthrough rates (CTR) and conversion rates to reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA) for our customers.  The Google Partner Community is not only a place to discuss strategies though, but also a place to get useful information on how to mold your agency into the best Google Partner that you can be!

As a Google Partner Community Ambassador, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on ways to optimize Google AdWords campaigns and how to get the most out of a clients advertising budget.  In 2014 I’ll be making a concerted effort to host a hangout on air every three to four weeks in order to help others learn more about Google Analytics, YouTube TrueView, Campaign Optimize and increasing AdWords Quality Scores.

Google’s very own Jennifer Qiao is even providing us with our own “hangouts in a box” kit which includes a video camera, microphone and lighting to help us provide a better quality production when we host  an educational hangout for agencies and Google Partners.  Everyone at DESIGNA is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the incredibly special Google Partners Community and I’m especially appreciative of the tools, resources and recognition that Google has given me personally.  I feel like it’s an incredible way to give back and I really believe that good great things come to those who give selflessly.

Visiting Google is definitely one off my bucket list, I even was able to demo Google Glass which is more exciting than I even imagined it would be!  I was provided the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on YouTube TrueView advertising in front of a nation-wide agency audience.  After our live broadcast we were able to sit down to brainstorm about how we could shape and influence the future of the Google AdWords Partner Community and Ambassador Program!

I’m excited about what the future holds, Googler Jenn Qiao eluded that there are bound to be more exciting announcements in the new year with the Partners Community and the Google Partners Ambassadors.  I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated!

Here’s a video introducing the Google Partner Community Ambassadors from my trip to Google on the 17th:

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