Marketing in a Digital Age

We no longer live in an age where the best way to market to clients is via newspaper. Print advertising has a place in our society, but the reality is that  the majority of advertising dollars need to be spent where the majority of the market is; on the internet.  Over eighty percent of Americans access the internet on a daily basis and the world-wide statistics are even more staggering. As abundant as internet users are in the United States, believe it or not, North America makes up only 11 percent of the internet use worldwide.

What should this tell us? Several things, the first being that if you want to sell a product, there is no more effective way to market it online. The second fact being that if you can effectively market online, you have an audience of billions available at your disposal. The key to getting your information, product and service out there really is online marketing. What most people don’t understand about online marketing is what they don’t understand. That’s right everyone knows how to search for a subject, but what they don’t understand is how the results come up in a search. That’s where DESIGNA comes in. We have years of experience working with Google and Google Analytics and so we know the secrets of how to get you to the top of searches.

And everyone knows, the results at the top of the search are the ones that get clicked on. Maybe you’ve been working with AdWords or with a marketing company before. What you may not be aware of is that the majority of our competitors do not design the ads, copy or the websites themselves. Most people aren’t going to tell you all the factors that help you to be a success. Most companies aren’t going to check your campaign daily, or even weekly for that matter. With the ever-changing internet, the daily attention is a must and you’ll only receive it with DESIGNA.

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