Local Advertising Experts Hangout With Google

Andrew Rulnick, the President of DESIGNA, was invited to a live hangout on air with Googler and Local Advertising Expert – Nordahl Ballingall.   You can watch the entire session in the video below.  Nordahl discusses best practices for Google AdWords, Google+ and Google Places.  Learn a bit about how DESIGNA incorporates intelligent bidding strategies segmented by device type and location targeting with conversion attribution and performance metrics in Google Analytics reports to improve our customers return on investment.  Nordahl Ballingall has some very good tips on reputation management, he’s also got some great insights on how to report on indications of success and overall best practices in local business advertising.

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  1. I had a lot of eyebrow going on in this video because I was battling acute bronchitis, which really wasn’t fun. The brow raising was keeping me from having a massive coughing fit. Don’t ask, it works for me at least…

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