Google AdWords for Smithsonian Institution

Even the nation’s most prestigious museum turns to us to manage their online presence. As of this month, DESIGNA is charged with handling the advertising budget allocated by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on one of their newest projects, The Ocean Portal. This interactive program is designed to educate, entertain and inform people all over the world about the wonders of our oceans and Andrew, along with all of the members of DESIGNA are honored to be working with the program. Their site, is a wealth of information for ocean lovers and educators alike. Visitors can explore to learn more about ocean life and ecosystems, our planet’s oceans, how the ocean and its inhabitants have changed through time, conservation efforts and human connections to Earth’s waters.  Andrew is working hand in hand to ensure that all of the budgeted funds monthly are allocated properly in Google AdWords. With a program as extensive as this educational one, this is not an easy task but we’ve been able to already organize AdGroups, increase the click-through rate (CTR) and ad relevance to improve the quality scores within the multiple campaigns involved. Marketing analytics (Google Analytics & AdWords reports) have already begun to show early indications of positive results. DESIGNA can bring comparable results to businesses, organizations and clients of all sizes, regardless of budget or need, we can help boost performance and maximize your advertising budget!


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