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In the last three months, we’ve gone through a variety  of monumental changes and have  accomplished some pivotal stepping-stones at DESIGNA!  We’re working harder than ever before for our customers and strategic partners, to provide the absolute best in customer service and support.  We’re always working hard at providing real results from online marketing using Google’s Enterprise suite of advertising products like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google+ and Google Places to name a few.

DESIGNA was recently made a Google Partner in 2013 and the Owner/President of DESIGNA, Andrew Rulnick, was featured on 11/20/2013 by Googler Jennifer Qiao in the Partner Spotlight on the Google+ Community page.  Jennifer and the team at Google are so awesome, they even sent us delicious cupcakes!  As Andrew commented today,”I’m very excited for the opportunity to be working so closely with the Community Managers at Google, Jennifer Qiao and Google are unpredictable in the best ways possible.  They always continue to surprise us in way we wouldn’t have imagined.  I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group at Google.  We will have exciting announcements on new developments for 2014, so stick around and follow us online.”

The original post on Google+ by Googler Jenn Qiao reads as follows:

Jennifer Qiao

Water Cooler  –  11:37 AM

Partner Spotlight: Andrew Rulnick, DESIGNAThis week, we got to know community member +Andrew Rulnick, who has been very helpful in the community. Want to be featured next week? We’re looking for our most active members for our weekly spotlight.Tell us about your career journey and how you got to where you are today.I wrote my first program in basic and created my first video game by the time I was eight or nine years old. I knew search engines was going to be the next big thing so I started to dive into every technical manual I could get my hands on from engineers and product managers at Google.In 2004 I graduated high school and went to work at a very small company named Go Daddy.  It was very entry-level, but we all have to start somewhere right?  In 2011, I went work for a company named Teletech (Direct Alliance/Revana). When I showed that I was a leader in the company, both the top 1% in sales and customer satisfaction I was promoted to supervise teams of account managers, account executives, aspiring junior analysts. This turned into an Executive position for me where I was able to work with other teams within Google to work with their existing client’s, agencies and accounts.

About a year ago I decided that we were ready to launch another business, this time with a lot more thought put into pricing and our services, the quality and scope of services; I was determined to make this a success so we spent about three months planning out our business model, service logistics and marketing plans.  Then we launched DESIGNA and haven’t looked back!

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I love helping others and to educate and empower people. I’m passionate about helping our customers win in advertising with higher conversion rates.  I’m a highly competitive person in business.  The most rewarding aspect of my job though is when I can teach someone something new or provide a new perspective they hadn’t considered before speaking with me.

What’s one lesson or tip you want to share with your fellow Partners?

The best advice I can give to current and aspiring partners is to push the envelope, challenge what you know or what might be commonplace, know more than your competitors or work with someone who is willing to invest the time required to master a particular set of skills that may not be your strength.  Surround yourself with people who can help you balance your company’s strengths and weaknesses.  My other piece of advice is to be open and honest with your customers, tough love as I like to say…  If you’re losing impression share due to budget, tell them.  If landing pages need optimized or new content needs created communicate that to them.  It makes a worlds difference in Quality Scores and I think it’s important to help customers understand that all these things have to converge (come together).

What do you think the future of digital advertising will be like?

Oh boy here comes my Ray Kurzweil moment….  Huge fan of his work though seriously. I believe there will be a day in the very near future that we will be very closely integrated with technology (smart phones, Google glass) these devices are going to monitor heart rates and administer medicine/medical treatment.  As for the advertising element, I just want to think of what I want/need and have it provided to me within one or two clicks, blinks of an eye or gesture/voice recognition.  I can imagine billboards floating in my view using Google Glass ver 2.0 – whatever that becomes, and Google owning digital real estate all over an augmented reality displayed through Google Glass.  I can see a world where Google understand contextual relevance of what I see (like with Google Goggles) and through glass I’m served with advertisements and TrueView video to help me make decisions and to empower me with options and media!

Delicious Cup Cakes from Jennifer Qiao at Google.

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