Cyber Bully Web App Crackdown, Zero Tolerance Policy!

No Internet Trolls Allowed Here!Anyone who’s interested in hosting any web apps such as blogs, forums, chat apps or other web software to deliberately contribute to or enables cyber bullying behavior; your web app(s) will be subject to temporary suspended until the bullying gets moderated and reviewed by a DESIGNA employee, or subject to a $65 moderation fee.   We believe every business and person has the right to host incredible discussions forums and blogs to express opinions and beliefs.    However; it’s DESIGNA’s policy that anyone hosting hateful and/or harmful materials will be subject to suspension until a resolution is reached through an internal review and audit to ensure your web apps are compliant with DESIGNA’s Shared Hosting, Zero Tolerance Cyber Bully Policy.  Again, it’s our belief that every company and individual has the right to host software inexpensively (our Shared Hosting Plans start at just $4.00/mo) but that they must not, at any point and without exception enable any form of cyber bullying or terrorizing of an individual or group of people the internet.  You may not blatantly target an individual or group on the web to harass or harm their reputation or character without your hosting account getting suspended.

In short, the web is an incredible constructive place, it’s amazing what young adults, professionals and elders can accomplish with our minds and imaginations using the internet; however with our impressionable youth we have a responsibility to make sure the web is a safe place without cyber bullying inhibiting infinite growth opportunities.  Most importantly we don’t believe that any one person should limit a community’s ability to gain access to useful information, conversation and healthy debate or commentary.

DESIGNA’s Owners Andrew and Nicole Rulnick said that “If you want to cyber bully using applications hosted on our servers think again and take your business some place else!”.

If you need to report an incident of “Cyberbullying” go to, this website is still online despite the “government shutdown” in Washington DC.

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