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DESIGNA was founded in 2013 by Andrew Rulnick and his wife Nicole.  They are a team who work incredibly tirelessly for DESIGNA’s customer’s service and satisfaction.  In our first six months doing business, DESIGNA was named a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  Owner Andrew Rulnick had this to say, “At the heart of DESIGNA’s service model reside two primary core tenants instilled in me from my time spent working for Go Daddy; credibility and accountability.  When we make mistakes (and everyone will now and again, we’re all subject to human error), we own it and work hard to fix it.  We adhere to high standards of having greater transparency of the work that goes into servicing our customers Google AdWords campaigns and we make our reports completely accessible through access to AdWords and Google Analytics.”  We are very determined to provide only the best service and support when it comes to managing Google AdWords accounts and we aim to bring all those best practices to the community.  These aren’t trade secrets, these are the best practices that Google has conclusive evidence to support adopting them for your company or customers.

DESIGNA is currently responsible for managing over $45,000 in Google AdWords (With constant growth!) in advertising per fiscal quarter for its clients.  We’re even responsible for consulting the Smithsonian Institution on its Google AdWords – Ocean Portal science campaign!  Our primary objectives are to provide truthfulness and credibility to internet marketing using Google AdWords and to help our customers get the best possible return on investment from their Google AdWords campaigns through rigorous adherence to industry best practices as defined by Google.

DESIGNA only uses first-party reporting from Google, customers are given access to see work done on their Google AdWords campaigns and they are able to view costs first hand from Google.  According to owner/president Andrew Rulnick, “I believe that our customers should have less restricted access to marketing data.  We want our clients to see all reports exactly as they appear from Google.  While this requires more time to go into greater detail and to remain more accountable to campaign performance, I strongly believe this builds a better trust between DESIGNA, it’s customers and strategic partners.”

Andrew went on to say, “We really value our clients and we’re in the business of educating them on how we can do better collectively and what steps need to be taken to reach high conversion rates, lower cost to convert and bring stronger Quality Scores to our customers.  These are all essential metrics and marketing components such as website, agencies, support services, AdWords campaign management and analytics reports,  all must converge to accomplish the target goals of a specific customer.  We have nothing to hide, if anything the reports really demonstrate how hard we’re working for our customers”.

To take this one step further DESIGNA is strongly committed to providing as a service for its customers in 2014.  The major benefit will be a consolidated view of reports, an integration between sales and marketing so to speak.  Integration between and Google AdWords enables the two divisions within companies to align so that businesses are more likely to get better returns from advertising and to get greater insights on what marketing channels are producing greater return on ad spend and why.

Contact DESIGNA for a complimentary analysis of your AdWords and Google Analytics.  We also provide exceptional resale rates to strategic partners and agencies who want to license the use of our campaigns for their customers.  We work directly with businesses who want AdWords run too, you don’t have to be part of an advertising agency or consultant to use DESIGNA’s services.  We price ourselves very affordably and we even have special rates and financing available from PayPal if you contact us, we’re typically even cheaper than the majority of our competitors who provide a comparable service!

With DESIGNA’s high standards for transparency in reporting, costs and being a Google Partner you can’t lose!  We work hard to keep our customers happy while bringing every best practice we can to the table.  Call (480) 277-3675 for your free SEO/SEM consultation!

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