Ah, my WordPress Jetpack is on fire!

I don’t normally do this and anyone who knows me personally knows that not only am I massive supporter of WordPress but also an open source, community advocate and heavy user of their add-on package named Jetpack; but holy $#!^ we shouldn’t ever have to go an entire month with a feature that you paid for broken!

WordPress Jetpack has a feature called Publicize which allows WordPress blogs to publish updates to social network such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  It’s an important part of a companies unified messaging and distribution of information in a highly fragmented network.  Jetpack’s heavily used “Publicize” feature has been busted for approximately thirty days not allowing users to update their facebook status via their privately managed WordPress blog.  Granted this happens from time to time but I would expect a module that you pay for to be fixed ASAP the moment that reports start coming in.  Something doesn’t work as intended you should spend more than an hour a day looking at it.  Maybe it’s just my personal philosophy but if something is broken in my business I obsess about it and work on it 24/7.  I’m not trying to say that I don’t appreciate the work now that it’s finally fixed, it just shouldn’t take a month to do it and you should be regular communication with the people, the WordPress community that support your project (by the tens and hundreds of thousands).

Again, I don’t normally do this and I’m not saying that I don’t think the problem may have been complicated but going a week or two without a status update is one of the most frustrating situations.  It’s something I promise to never do with my clients, anyone who knows me will tell you I’ll never leave anyone hanging, it’s just a philosophy I’ve adopted over the last ten years of my professional development.  It’s not always easy, sometimes it’s downright painful but I seriously think the people at WordPress should consider this as a common practice when a major component is taken offline for an entire month.  They should also provide us with a free year of Jetpack Whatever, that’s my rant now back to work!

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