10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #8 – Blog With Frequency.

If you’re not blogging at least once every two weeks, (in a Brooklyn accent) forget about it…  The frequency and quality of your blog updates still matters, you can see benefits and gains when you blog within one to two days – if you don’t then you’re doing something incorrectly.  You’re missing a very important step in the SEO process.  There’s a lot that goes into a good blog, even more that goes into planning, writing, editing and scheduling your content.  There’s no fast and easy way to manage this process besides either investing the time and doing it yourself or hiring a company to do this work for you.  If you hire a company, make sure they staff writers in the USA.  Google knows the differences in writing styles from one country to another, not to mention literary proficiency.  It’s not to say you couldn’t outsource overseas but we don’t because we’ve found that high quality of the writing is what help get companies to the first page of Google.  We typically employ Masters of English and Journalism Majors, this ensures the absolute best in quality, completely original content and very dedicated blog writers (bloggers).

Blogging shouldn’t be a hobby if you’re trying to rank on the first page of Google.  This should be something your planning in advance and creating at least a blog post once a week if you’re not in a super competitive industry or market.  If you are then you’re going to have to produce two to three times that.  For example we rotate between page one and page two of Google search results for “SEO Tips 2014”, anytime we fall below page one we need to produce two or three really high quality updates and within a day our rank will rise.  It’s very competitive depending on your industry and location, but it really boils down to just a couple of key points; frequency, quality, following best practices and originality.  It’s very important you write compelling headlines because that’s the link that displays in the search results, if you’re headline (title tag) doesn’t grab a reader’s attention your listing will not get clicked and your position will fall over time quickly.  We like to use WordPress for SEO and blogging.  It makes our staff better at organizing and editing content, it also creates a relatively easy way to submit updates to search engines.

Remember, blogging for great rank can’t by a hobby, it needs to be something you plan carefully and measure reports and important metrics like change in your avg. position using Google Webmaster Tools.  If you’re still having trouble with reporting or changing your rank on Google, we provide search engine optimization (SEO) services give us a call at (480) 277-3675!

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  1. Blogging is such a great thing in the search market and when you are doing SEO of your brand or your company writing a blog can return you a higher return that you never think about before. That is the reason top SEO professionals always write blogs for their thoughts they think about SEO and it is a great thing you can do.

  2. With the recent update of Google page rank people once again active for getting high ranking of their website but where to start SEO in 2014 is the big question. Either one should focus upon content or linkbuilding campaign? As you mentioned those people who are blogging once in two week should stop doing so because now Google is considering those websites higher which have good contents as well as updated regularly. Your tips especially for bloggers are very helpful to achieve top ranking in this year. Thanks 🙂

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