10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #6 – Link Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics.

This helps to determine what content drives impressions, traffic and position higher.  It makes it easier to determine when CTR is low, indicating that you may need to work on your titles and descriptions.  There’s a lot of very interesting data that can be obtained by doing this, you can see position change over time, there’s also a ton of data that pertains to segmenting position change by various types of content you’re publishing.  It’s really important you complete this step and it’s also very easy to do.

Step #1 – Assuming you have used the same email to setup Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, sign in to your Google Analytics account.

Step #2 – Click into the website profile and property you will be linking Google Webmaster Tools to.

Step #3 – In the top right, click admin.  Then under the “PROPERTY” (middle) column, select “Property Settings”.

Step #4 – Scroll to the bottom of your Property Settings and you will find a section called “Webmaster Tools Settings” select “Edit”.

Step by Step Gallery to Help You Link Google AdWords and Analytics Together:

You will be able to choose your Google Webmaster Tools from the list, if it’s grey or not appearing there’s something wrong with how you have configured your Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools settings and you should call our team for help at (480) 277-3675.

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