10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #10 – Titles & Description Meta Tags

Meta tags are often thought to be a thing of the past.  Not so much really, title and description meta tags are probably more important than ever before!  Clickthrough rate (CTR) is important for increasing your organic position as it’s an indication of relevance and quality (just like AdWords CTR will influence your Quality Score).  A higher CTR on an organic listing will help to increase and maintain position on the page.  Title and descriptions meta tags are more important than they were before because this will influence your listings CTR.   If your title is a close or exact match to what a user searches, then the probably of receiving the click had been proven to increase exponentially.  Your title tag influences the blue link of your organic listing and the description appears below the title tag in black text.  The description should typically be a compelling summary of the pages content.  It’s important that your description and title are closely related to the topic of the page but also interesting, putting a unique description will increase interest and in turn the probability that someone will want to visit your website over all the others that are listed in the search results.  If you’re not sure how to write a compelling description, I advise that you study other popular listings.  Whatever you do though, don’t copy another websites description or title.  Otherwise, you run the risk of getting penalized – being removed or having position change for the worse.

A good title is typically two or three words in length, if you need to break up several phrases separate them with a hyphen “-” to ensure that we’re helping to establish a relationship between the phrases.  For example, the title tag of this page reads “10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #10 – Write Captivating Titles & Descriptions”.  Notice how the primary topic/category is listed first followed by the specific topic of this post, which falls under a larger body of work “Tips for SEO in 2014”.  It’s important you’re labeling posts, pages and content properly, it’s not a very difficult process it’s just time-consuming.

Here’s a quick summary of tips on your title and description:

  1. Be concise.
  2. Make sure your titles are compelling.
  3. Try enhancing your title by using a hyphen “-” and several phrases.
  4. Make sure your title and description are contextually relevant.
  5. It’s important you’re not copying someone else’s titles or descriptions.  Originality is key!

In summary, great title and description tags should jump out to readers and people searching the web for information.  They should stand out like the cover of and incredibly well drawn comic book in my opinion.  Just like the art of a great comic jumps off the page, so too should the titles and description meta tags of your pages when you do SEO work.  If you’re still finding trouble figuring out how to optimize your titles and descriptions, or how to increase CTR,  give our team a call and we have search engine optimization (SEO) services that will help you!

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