10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #5 – Build #SocialMedia Following

This is going to be the recurring theme in 2014 –  “personalized search” is influenced by the people you and other people in your circles follow.  Building a genuine social media following online isn’t easy, I find that content typically has to be 10% about your company, product or services and the remaining 90% to be unrelated.  Remember that most people on social media are there to connect with friends and for entertainment, so if you think shoving advertisements in their face will build your following then you’re fighting a losing battle.

If you’re trying to take more than you give, you’re going to fail.  If you also don’t follow our other tips pertaining to social media, engagement and content then you’re wasting your time because people wont be able to identify value in your content very easily.  It’s less likely they will want to follow you, share your content or any engagement that would be an indication or signal of value to the major search engines.  Bing is personalizing search using facebook following and Google personalized search results using twitter and Google+ as far as I can tell.  When your follower(s) search content closely related to a topic you have posted about, it’s very likely they are going to see the content you’ve posted related to their search on the first page of Google search results.

To build a following you can purchase paid marketing, use organic methods of engagement, thank people for sharing content and typically I find the most effective method is to ask!  If you aren’t asking prominent people online to follow you, then guess what?  They probably wont!  It is not about following 1,000 people and hoping that 1 in every 3 people you follow, follows back.  It’s about meaningful conversation, real connection and building personal relationship.  That’s how you build an effective following using social media!

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