10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #4 – Setup Author Profiles

If someone follows you, it’s much more probably that they are going to see content that has your authorship profile associated with it.  It’s a factor of new personalized search results by Google. WordPress and Blogger are excellent ways to do this easily.  From WordPress admin, you login into your admin panel, then go to the “Users” section.  Select “Your Profile”  and then complete the “About Yourself” section.   It also helps a lot if you’re using Jetpack Publicize, it breaks sometimes but overall it’s a very useful and easy to use tool to link your WordPress with social media websites like Linkedin, Twitter, facebook and Google+.  Gravatar can be a benefit to keep profiles uniform.

Author profiles can also be made manually by using authorship tags but I suggest avoiding these whenever possible because standards are bound to change eventually and it would be a pain to have to update all your web properties to match or use the latest standards of authorship tags and information.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Login to WordPress admin area.
  2. Under “Users”
  3. Select “Your Profile”
  4. Complete the “About Yourself” section.
  5. Use Jetpack Publicize to link your social media.
  6. Make sure you have setup your Google+ profile with the same email as you use on WordPress then verify authorship on Google.

Author profiles are a very good way to build reputation with followers and search engines.  They are becoming more important in the PageRank algorithm and search engine optimization (SEO) process.  I highly recommend you start settings these up and optimizing them immediately if you haven’t started to already!

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