Marketing Automation in 2019 (Updated)

Hello world! I’ve been dormant for nearly three years. I’ll be honest, I got tired of being in the public light. There are a lot more of you than there are of me. Even at our peak I still kept to a small team of six to twelve employees and devoted our time to a […]

PageSpeed Matters

PageSpeed Insights Analysis and Test Results

Welcome to my next entry on the basics of SEO. These are the industry inside tips and tricks that will take your organic rank to the next level! Follow my blog and get the basics, which in my opinion are the most important factors when working to improve your position in the search engine results […]

Avoid Duplicate Content

Don't clone your content

This week, in part two of ten in my lessons on the basics of SEO, we’re going to review the problems of repetitive or duplicate content and ways to avoid this problem. Let’s face it, it’s never easy to come up with new ideas! If you find yourself grasping at straws it’s really easy to accidentally […]

Preservation and Over-Optimization

Avoid optimizing content too much

Welcome to part one of ten in my new series on the basics of SEO! I have consulted literally thousands of companies on how to optimize their content better for better rank on popular search engines such as Google, Microsoft’s bing and Yahoo! I worked multiple years for Go Daddy and did contracted work on […]

Why Google Matters For Business

Floral Shop Marketing

Google was built with everyone in mind, I mean think about it.  Doesn’t practically every person you know search with Google?  At some point, even if they don’t start there they will eventually “Google it”.  Therefore, wouldn’t a business need to be there and know how others are searching?  In other words, if your customers search for […]

Attribution Modeling and Lead Scoring Analysis

attribution and lead scoring

Attribution analysis is labeling everything in a “closed loop” to ensure we’re getting completely accurate report on every engagement, from stimulus to assist through intermediate clicks and last click; the entire journey each conversion takes from the beginning of engagement to the last click just before conversion occurs. There are a lot of methods and […]

Panda 4.0 and SEO

Google SEO Panda 4.0

Are you ready for this? Panda 4.0 released as announced by @mattcutts on May 20th 2014. “Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today.” — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 20, 2014 What does this mean for the world of SEO?  Well does Matt Cutts gives us a good hint a few days before […]

WordPress VS HTML5

You can always go good old fashion HTML5/CSS.  Time to design is usually a lot lower.  You can typically have a new marketing campaign with a closed loop attribution model within two or three days.  You can also get excellent enterprise analytics on behaviors and conversions these days.  All leading to higher/better overall return on […]

What is SEO in 2017? Get Free SEO Tips and Advice!

build natural backlinks

This article was originally written by me in 2014. I’m in the process of updating to meet the current standards and best practices in 2017. In short, I believe many of the best practices remain the same, with the addition of compute, web service resource utilization, and as always good content to draw your audiences, […]

Google Understands Synonyms & Relevance

In SEO, contextual relevance and synonyms are like having Clouds buster sword from Advent Children - they all combine into one.

I ran into this today and so I thought I would take a moment to add it to my tips.  This is a really important one to remember when you’re writing throughout 2014.  You don’t have to have an exact match between the keyword in your articles and they keyword you’re trying to rank on […]

Building Backlinks in 2014


First off, I feel its incredibly important to dispel many of the myths circulating the internet and industry about backlinks.  You absolutely do not, under any circumstance, need a high volume of backlinks in order to get your website ranked on the first page of Google search results.  In fact, the majority of my highest […]

10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #10 – Titles & Description Meta Tags

SEO Title and Description Meta Tags

Meta tags are often thought to be a thing of the past.  Not so much really, title and description meta tags are probably more important than ever before!  Clickthrough rate (CTR) is important for increasing your organic position as it’s an indication of relevance and quality (just like AdWords CTR will influence your Quality Score). […]

10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #9 – Learn About Building Natural Backlinks

build natural backlinks

Building natural backlinks is important because it’s what causes PageRank to flow freely from one page to the next.  It’s important that Google+, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin backlink to your company’s website.  All roads should lead back to your business, try to make it personal.  Balance personal profile images with strong branding in the background. […]

10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #8 – Blog With Frequency.

SEO Tips in 2014 - Blog Frequently Using WordPress

If you’re not blogging at least once every two weeks, (in a Brooklyn accent) forget about it…  The frequency and quality of your blog updates still matters, you can see benefits and gains when you blog within one to two days – if you don’t then you’re doing something incorrectly.  You’re missing a very important step […]

#socialmedia – Social Media Tips – 2014

Ten easy tips for social your social media strategy.

10 Simple Tips and Tricks for Your Timeline: Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.  #socialmedia – remember, “like” and share with your friends!

10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #7 – Optimize and Submit Your Sitemap

How You Submit a Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools (top right)

If you’re not creating sitemap and submitting using Google Webmaster Tools, good luck!  This is a simple way to ensure that your most important pages have a better chance of ranking on Google and counting toward your overall authorship ranking.  See more on authorship profiles in tip #4. There’s a lot of really easy ways to […]

10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #6 – Link Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics.

Edit Webmaster Tools Settings in Google Analytics

This helps to determine what content drives impressions, traffic and position higher.  It makes it easier to determine when CTR is low, indicating that you may need to work on your titles and descriptions.  There’s a lot of very interesting data that can be obtained by doing this, you can see position change over time, […]

10 TIPS FOR SEO IN 2014 #5 – Build #SocialMedia Following

Social Media Following

This is going to be the recurring theme in 2014 –  “personalized search” is influenced by the people you and other people in your circles follow.  Building a genuine social media following online isn’t easy, I find that content typically has to be 10% about your company, product or services and the remaining 90% to […]

10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #4 – Setup Author Profiles

Setup Author Profile in WordPress for SEO

If someone follows you, it’s much more probably that they are going to see content that has your authorship profile associated with it.  It’s a factor of new personalized search results by Google. WordPress and Blogger are excellent ways to do this easily.  From WordPress admin, you login into your admin panel, then go to […]

10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #3 – Engage With Followers

Engage with your followers on social media.

Social media on Twitter, facebook and Google+ isn’t just about building following, it’s about meaningful conversations!  Yes following is important, but if you’re not connecting one to one and still trying to connect one to many then you’re doing it wrong in my opinion.  Thank people for following you whenever possible, let them know you […]

10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #2 – Provide Value

Define a Value to Your Readers

Are you just publishing articles in hopes that you will rank on the first page of Google or are you actually publishing useful information that provide greater value to your visitors? If content provides little to no benefit to your reader, the odds of them considering useful, sharing it or following you is slim to none. […]

10 Tips for SEO in 2014 #1 – Measure Success

Using Google Webmaster Tools - Position Change Reports

Are you measuring your position change using the percent change reports in Google Webmaster Tools? If not you’re missing the boat, big time! Try and use these to show clients that your work is providing value, if you’re still struggling at increasing position there may be on-site factors or poor link building strategies (backlinks) being […]

Meet Your Google Partners Community Ambassadors!


The Google Partners Community is a place for current and aspiring Google Partners to go and discuss search engine marketing (SEM), AdWords (also known as PPC) with one-another.  On December 17th, I was flown out to San Francisco, courtesy of Google, to present as one of the five new Google Partners Community Ambassadors. The Ambassador […]

Named a Google Partners Community Ambassador


Hey there!   I’m Andrew Rulnick, the owner of DESIGNA.  I was just named one of five Google Partners Community Ambassadors!  My mission has always been provide valuable insight and perspective into best practices with Google AdWords.  I’m incredibly passionate about marketing analytics.  I’m honest the a fault and I love helping others to be […]

What is SEO? Learn More With DESIGNA.

People ask us all the time, “What is SEO?”  SEO stands for search engine optimization and its the process of organizing your website and it’s content so that it’s more accessible by people and major search engines,such as Google.  The process typically involves writing specific content about a subject (such as search engine optimization) that […]

Featured on Google Partners Community and Cupcakes From Google

In the last three months, we’ve gone through a variety  of monumental changes and have  accomplished some pivotal stepping-stones at DESIGNA!  We’re working harder than ever before for our customers and strategic partners, to provide the absolute best in customer service and support.  We’re always working hard at providing real results from online marketing using […]

Credible Internet Marketing

Google Partner for credible internet marketing

DESIGNA was founded in 2013 by Andrew Rulnick and his wife Nicole.  They are a team who work incredibly tirelessly for DESIGNA’s customer’s service and satisfaction.  In our first six months doing business, DESIGNA was named a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  Owner Andrew Rulnick had this to say, “At the heart of DESIGNA’s service model […]

Local Advertising Experts Hangout With Google

Local Advertising Experts Hangout

Andrew Rulnick, the President of DESIGNA, was invited to a live hangout on air with Googler and Local Advertising Expert – Nordahl Ballingall.   You can watch the entire session in the video below.  Nordahl discusses best practices for Google AdWords, Google+ and Google Places.  Learn a bit about how DESIGNA incorporates intelligent bidding strategies segmented by device type […]

The Process to Becoming a Google Partner

Google Partner for credible internet marketing

As you may be aware from our recent shares, DESIGNA has recently become a Google Partner. This is a process that has been in the works since early 2008. You see, not everyone is accepted in partnering with Google and it takes experience, demonstration of knowledge in all areas Google works with and a portfolio […]

Cyber Bully Web App Crackdown, Zero Tolerance Policy!

No Internet Trolls Allowed Here!

Anyone who’s interested in hosting any web apps such as blogs, forums, chat apps or other web software to deliberately contribute to or enables cyber bullying behavior; your web app(s) will be subject to temporary suspended until the bullying gets moderated and reviewed by a DESIGNA employee, or subject to a $65 moderation fee.   We […]

SEO Tip Number One – Nobody’s Perfect #Imperfect #SEO

DESIGNA for SEO Services and Google PageRank Experts

It’s come to our attention from some of DESIGNA’s adoring competitors (if you would even call them that) commented that we don’t rank PageRank on 1) highly competitive terms and 2) our brand name “DESIGNA”.  So we sat down and decided it was time to write a series of tips to help you. While select […]

What Do Google, Go Daddy, Adobe and WordPress All Have in Common?

Google, Go Daddy, Adobe and WordPress

Starting next month DESIGNA is providing new customers with a mix of software as a service (SaaS) utilizing four of the best companies in hosting and technology; Google, Go Daddy, Adobe and WordPress.  DESIGNA’s owner Andrew Rulnick says that “This is another exciting and gigantic step forward for DESIGNA.  We’re providing our customers with faster […]

SEO to Infinity and Beyond!

search engine optimize (SEO) "to infinity and beyond".

DESIGNA hit a tipping point today in our massive overhaul of our website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and we’re only tipping in “to infinity and beyond”.  Even after an exhaustive list of completely obsessive compulsive overhauls (including but not limited to) The layout of our content and how it displays (on both mobile and desktop […]

Your Company’s Name Ranking on Google

Zero Moment of Truth

A prospective client brought it to our attention that we don’t rank on Google for our company’s name “DESIGNA“.  We only recently published our latest rendition of our website and made the choice as a company to archive (more like eradicate) our old website and blog.  Because companies, people and services change… We’re content knowing that […]

New PayPal Payment Options & E-Commerce (Coming 11/30/2013).

At DESIGNA, we’re always looking for ways of improving our operations, customer satisfaction and to make it easier for our customers to have flexible payment arrangements.  To that point, DESIGNA has selected PayPal to extend it’s billing and payment options (subject to approval).  We will be rolling this out over the next month and will […]

Ah, my WordPress Jetpack is on fire! Jetpack breaks!

I don’t normally do this and anyone who knows me personally knows that not only am I massive supporter of WordPress but also an open source, community advocate and heavy user of their add-on package named Jetpack; but holy $#!^ we shouldn’t ever have to go an entire month with a feature that you paid […]

Google AdWords for Smithsonian Institution

DESIGNA wins contract with the Smithsonian Institution to help manage Google AdWords Grant and consult on Google Analytics.

Even the nation’s most prestigious museum turns to us to manage their online presence. As of this month, DESIGNA is charged with handling the advertising budget allocated by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on one of their newest projects, The Ocean Portal. This interactive program is designed to educate, entertain and inform people all […]

Marketing in a Digital Age

We no longer live in an age where the best way to market to clients is via newspaper. Print advertising has a place in our society, but the reality is that  the majority of advertising dollars need to be spent where the majority of the market is; on the internet.  Over eighty percent of Americans […]