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The award winning, industry renowned staff at DESIGNA will help you brand or rebrand, develop brand standards, then design or re-design and optimize your website then provide ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  and digital marketing management services based on a comprehensive strategy outline and plan to go to market. We customize search engine optimization strategies, content creation and activity plans, alongside all the deliverables necessary! Each of our SEO and digital advertising plans are completely personalized to help your business have the necessary reach, impressions, acquire new website visitors, then convert those visitors into paying customers, measure and your grow your return on investment over long periods of time! DESIGNA quantifies growth and measures meaningful event metrics using the latest best practices in JavaScript, Google Tag Manager, and the best practices in Google Analytics conversion event and advance e-commerce reporting.

We utilize the latest in TensorFlow (machine learning originally developed by Google’s Brain team) for rolling up A/B & multi-variant testing (using Google Optimize) and Google’s BigQuery to support marketing optimization decisions with advanced reporting. DESIGNA improves on how your business buys it’s Google Ads, provides actionable insights for SEO, and help your business purchase traditional marketing mediums with confidence. Stop guessing and start learning with meaningful insights! Call for your risk-free introductory consultation today if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

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We build accurate marketing models in Google Analytics

We’re making complex data analysis easier with world-class technology! We’ll power your marketing & business intelligence data to determine the best course of action to grow your company with our leading SEO & digital marketing plans, strategies, and related marketing services. We work hand in hand with some of the biggest companies in marketing such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Infusionsoft, Marketo, and Salesforce! We’re also on the cutting edge of advanced computing for the world’s fastest speeds. Data processing and analysis has never been this powerful!

Website optimization, PWA & AMP for PageSpeed

A mobile first approach is paramount for conversion rates and search engine optimization (SEO). It’s no longer the trend, our clients have seen 40% to 50% of their visitors traffic coming from tablet, and mobile devices! From design to code, we’re putting careful thought and consideration into every nuance of websites, the experience they provide for visitors. We perfect the experience so your customers are finding what they are looking for easily, while learning more about your business, that way they choose your company over another. We’re moving into cutting edge progressive web applications (PWA) to take your customers’ mobile experience to the next level! Even the most complex applications need to load lightening fast to retain and convert new website visitors. We’ve partnered exclusively with Google to make the impossible possible!

This impacts your digital marketing conversion rates, and SEO opportunities positively. The better a visitors experience, the better your campaigns will perform.

Our core services begin with conceptualizing a responsive website design using the latest in HTML/CSS & JavaScript for a superior visitor experience!

Named Google Partner in 2013

Your business deserves to work with a Google Partner who cares!

Our Founder Andrew Rulnick was also selected as one of Google’s first Google Partner Community Ambassadors, and Small Business Adviser. We’re intensely invested in our customer’s success in marketing with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, traditional media, and optimizing use the latest and best practices in Google Analytics!

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World-wide recognition for high performance marketing...

We’re recognized as a leading service provider to manage your business’s Google Ads, to advise your business on it’s marketing strategy, creative design, data and related analytics. At DESIGNA we’re forward thinkers with deep industry connections to Google’s product teams & product Managers to make sure you’re getting the best possible experiences from all the related Google products. We work with Google marketing tools such as Google Ads, and Google Analytics to name a few of the related marketing products we manage for our customers!

*Per our agreements with Facebook, Inc. and Google, Inc. we’re required to disclose that individual results may vary. We are allowed to mention we have over a 95% success rate working with businesses of all sizes. Our staff is happy to go over case studies and show you examples of reports, we have exceptional references! Our job is to follow best practices in marketing, that’s what we do. We are not owned or operated by either company, our company works as an independent contractor for our customers. It’s also important to us you’re aware of our terms, conditions and privacy policy.